Friday, September 22, 2006

Lutheran Church Elder Wants to Take Back Ideas to Community in Namibia

San leaves his homeland in Africa for first time in his life

Samco Chose, a Lutheran church elder belongs to the San, one of the world's oldest communities. He has left his native Namibia for the first time ever to share his expereinces with other indigeneous people from everywhere. The 62-year-old Gobabis resident arrived at the Karasjok house of culture, which was filled with people seeking to resolve their local problems through a global interaction.

Which church do you belong to in your country?
I am a member of the Gobabis Evangelise Lutherese Kerk Efesiër Gemeente. This is a San community near the Botswna border in Namibia.

What are your activities in the congregation?
As I am retired, I have much time to do a number of services for the community. I also help around other congregation members' houses. A big part of the population live in poverty, in miserable conditions, without water and electricity. I feel responsible towards them, since I am one an elder in the congregation. This is my vocation.

That's why you are at the meeting in Norway?
That’s true. I travelled to this country, which I have never seen, to listen to everything and to learn from others stories and presentations. I was sent by our pastor and I'd like to use this experience for the good of my community.

What do you find the most interesting around this place?
I’ve never touched or even seen snow before. It's amazing!

So you are not used to foreign people and to travelling?
No, I had never left Nambia, nor had I ever met a group of foreigners.

Un ancien de l'Église luthérienne veut ramener des idées de la conférence en Namibie

A 62 ans, Chose Samco, du peuple San de Namibie, a quitté son pays, pour la première fois de sa vie, pour venir à Karasjok rencontrer des peuples du monde entier et entendre leurs histoires et préoccupations.

En charge des plus démunis au sein de sa communauté de l'Eglise Luthérienne de Gobabis, il espère pouvoir utiliser cette expérience unique pour le bien de sa communauté. Ce voyage représente beaucoup pour cet Ancien qui n'avait jamais eu l'occasion de quitter la Namibie, de rencontrer autant d'étrangers, ni de voir la neige…


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