Friday, September 22, 2006

What Is Complementing?

Tradition, Culture and Gospel

"Complementing is the fulfillment of a man and his wife so they can function in a positive way," says Bishop Eugenio Poma.

The indigenous bishop from Bolivia, opened the third day of LWF Consultation in Karasjok and he noted that indigenous Bolivians needed Christianity in relating to traditional and culture in a complementing way.

Poma says that indigenous people in Bolivia used to live in a state complementarily in every segment of their lives. This could be expressed also in the partnership of two persons who give to each other the full acknowledgment that is needed in life.

"Men and women wake up,
Young people wake up,
Let’s walk together as a single people."

Poma says he finds in the words that there are things to learn from indigenous culture and in the Gospel, so one can build in that context.

Qu'est-ce qui est complémentaire?

Pour le pasteur Eugenio Poma, de Bolivie, les indigènes de son pays ont besoin de vivre en complémentarité leur culture et traditions avec leur foi chrétienne. "La complémentarité est la réalisation d'un homme et d'une femme de manière à ce qu'il puisse vivre d'une manière positive."

Pour M. Poma, il y dans les Écritures des éléments qui permettent d'apprendre de la culture indienne autant que de l'Evangile, de manière à ce que chacun puisse s'édifier dans un tel contexte de complémentarité.


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