Sunday, September 24, 2006

Young Communicators Get Special Privilege to Practice Journalism

Budding journalists learn how to communicate on Web log about indigenous issues

Taking a part in the consultation, "An Indigenous Communion" in Karasjok, northern Norway, all in our group of youth communicators from Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Poland and Russia gained invaluable experience.

It was uplifting and inspiring for us to meet and interact with participants who came to the five-day meeting from every corner of the globe.

We learned much about the lives of those present, about their lives as indigenous people, their nature, culture, mother tongues and how many have had to fight for them.

We can influence each other and also exchange experiences and ideas, not only about life, but also some gems about the theological, social and ethnic particulars of others. We learned especially about the Sámi People who live in Norway's historical Finmark territory close to the Arctic Circle.

There we shared culture and stories and we got to know a little about how the Sámi live, and about their situation in the economically rich country of Norway.

Throughout the consultation, working with the Web log, writing news stories and doing interviews, we had a special opportunity to learn more about the craft of journalism and were able improve our skills in English communication, learning about the intricacies of grammar and philology.

posted by Olga Klimenkova, Russia

The stories and memories of the indigenous peoples are still available

The Karasjok consultation ended some hours ago. Seven young communicators and four mentors have been finalizing stories for the Web log this evening. Outside the press room, the northern hemisphere is waiting for winter. Autumn will lose its fight in days.

Our days in Karasjok have shown how a Web log begins to live. The indigenous peoples from different parts of the world have gone back home but their stories and memories are still available. Those won’t be gone in a few days. Thanks to the Web log.

posted by Tuomas Kurttila, Finland

Please click here for more information on the participants of the European region consultation of the ongoing LWF training program for young adults "Towards a Communicating Communion – A Youth Vision".


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