Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Young European Communicators Reporting on LWF Consultation

We have arrived safely in Karasjok

We have in our group from left: Peter Kenny from Switzerland (Ecumenical News International/ENI), Alina Penkala from Poland, Gerald Machabert from France (L’Ami Chrétien), Olga Klimenkova from Russia, Tapani Pentikainen from Finland (Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission), Svetlana Vojnic Feldi from Croatia, Dénes Horvath from Hungary, Marthe Strickert from Norway and Dirk-Michael Grötzsch (LWF/Geneva).

Alina, Olga, Svetlana and Dénes are participating in the three year LWF training program for young adults "Towards a Communicating Communion – A Youth Vision", while Marthe, Gerald, Peter, Tapani and Dirk-Michael are on call for advice. Two youth participants, Camilla Oulie Mikkelsen from Norway and Tuomas Paavo Kurtilla from Finland arrive later.

De jeunes chargés de communication européens suivent la conférence de la FLM

Alina Penkala (Pologne), Olga Klimenkova (Russie), Svetlana Voijnic (Croatie), Camilla Oulie Mikkelsen (Norvège), Tuomas Paavo Kurtilla (Finlande) et Dénes Horvath (Hongrie) participent à un programme de formation triennal de la FLM pour de jeunes adultes "Vers une communion communicatrice - La vision des jeunes".

A Karasjok, ils sont accompagnés de Dirl-Michael Grötzsch (FLM/Genève), Peter Kenny (ENI/Suisse), Tapani Pentikainen (MELF/Finlande), Marthe Strickert (Norvège) et Gérald Machabert (L'Ami Chrétien/France) pour rendre compte de la conférence "Une communion indigène" via ce blog.


At 9/21/2006 11:16 AM, Blogger Mira said...

... I can´t believe it: Snow in Karasjok and summer in Germany. It is realy great to have a look on your doings in Karasjok. Best greetings to everyone of you.


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